Discounts applied to multiple item rentals


Paddleboards - Oh the many ways we could praise this one! Where else can you get an amazing tan, an awesome workout and the best view of 7 mile all in one go? What's not to love about paddleboarding?  

Rental includes: Paddleboard, paddle, leash, life vest and a crash course lesson for newcomers.


FREE delivery and pick up along 7 Mile Beach. Discounts are applied to multiple item rentals.

Hourly (2 Hr Min)     US $30/Hr

1/2 Day (4 Hrs)         US $80

1 Day (24 Hrs)          US $90

2-3 Days                US $75/Day

4 Days                  US $60/Day

5-6 Days                US $55/Day

7 + Days                US $45/Day






Kayaks use paddles too! Kayaking is the perfect way to expore Cayman's crystal-clear waters off 7 Mile Beach... So why not take one out and see for yourself?

Rental includes: Kayak, paddles, life vests and a crash course in kayaking if so needed. Singles and doubles available - Same price.


FREE delivery and pick up on 7 Mile. Discounts applied to multiple item rentals.



1 Day (24 Hrs)          US $110

2-3 Days                US $85/Day

4 Days                  US $65/Day

5-6 Days                US $55/Day

7+ days                 US $50/Day


1 Day (24 Hrs).        US $55/Day

2+ Days               US $30/Day

Snorkel Gear

Mask, Snorkel & fins   US $50/wk

Full-Face Mask & fins  US $60/wk

It's a convenience thing! We're here to make your beach life easy in any way we can! This includes bringing you snorkel gear if you forgot to pack yours, don't feel like going snorkel gear shopping or just simply couldn't be bothered. :)

Set includes mask, snorkel and fins.

FREE delivery on 7 MILE.

woman in pink snorkel gear on sandy beac

Serenity Float

US $70/Week


If floating is your thing, we've got your back, knees, legs... you get the point :) Whether its exercising on a yoga board, laying around on the world's most comfortable float or just sitting around in the ocean having a mojito you'll be good to go.  Just another way to enjoy your time at the beach!

(PLEASE NOTE: Weekly rentals are 1-7 day rentals and are set prices regardless of total days rented) 


Water Walkway


3 day min (10'x6') 

US $60/day

Serenity Float
Labyrinth Island
Water Walkway

Yoga Board

US $110/week

Labyrinth Island

yoga board

US $75/day (2 Day Min)

US $225/week

Yoga Mat

Reef Board

1 Day (24 Hrs)         US $70

2-3 Days               US $55/Day

4 + Days               US $45/Day

Sometimes both kids and adults alike wanna experience snorkeling without a mask and snorkel so here is our solution... With the Reefboard snorkeling is a blast! Take in the underwater world below through a giant, clear HD VuScreen. Suitable for all ages and can support up to 250 lbs. Light and easy to carry, these boards are quite the hit with beach-goers all over the world. Ready to try snorkeling in a whole new way? Well here's your chance!


If you're down for having a little fun on the beach, we've got you covered! Simply take a look at the list of fun games below, tell us what you'd like and we'll deliver it straight to your doorstep - FREE OF CHARGE! Yup, it's that EASY!

Bocce Ball

Horseshoe Toss

Wow Pong

Slam Ball

Bean Bag Toss

US $75/Week


Yoga Board

Serenity Float

Wow Pong
Slam Ball
Bocce ball
Horseshoe Toss
Bean Bag Toss


Eco Kayak & Ocean 

Picnic Adventure

  (For a truly one-of-a kind LOCAL-VIBE experience) 

We'll pick you up from your 7 Mile Beach hotel or condo and take you to a tantalizing gem of a beach in South Sound. A tranquil little spot where some of the most charming wildlife dwell and ocean views are nothing short of breathtaking. You'll be briefed before hopping into a Jackson Kayak and from there... the adventure begins!


1st STOP - The Flip Flop Tree. Now labeled an official tourist attraction, this strange looking tree has had a rainbow of flip flops nailed to it over the years. This one is a real treat for all you selfie-snapping fans. :)

2nd STOP - We'll venture a little further down to a mangrove patch where you'll be educated about the importance of the mangrove tree to the South Sound eco-system, take a selfie standing amongst the mangroves and maybe even pick up a jellyfish or two. 

3rd STOP - We'll then Kayak out to our Rainbow-Splashed Ocean Platform, complete with picnic benches and umbrellas. This platform is pretty unique and a great hangout spot. Enjoy various snacks and drinks while relaxing on the open ocean. No boats, means NO TRAFFIC, which in turn means you'll have the South Sound Sand Bar all to yourself. The sandbar ranges from 4 ft to 7 ft in depth allowing you to either walk around and take in the view or head out for a little snorkelling session and explore the fish-full coral heads in the area. There, you'll find a variety of fish ranging from snappers to turtles, spotted eagle rays to conch. Either way, there will be more than enough to see and so much to enjoy. The tour ends with a short 15 minute kayak back to shore, from where you'll be bussed back to your hotel/condo. A SHUTTLE BOAT TO THE OCEAN PICNIC PLATFORM will also be available for those who don't wish to, or are unable to kayak.


(recommended for ages 7 & up)



(including drive-time of approximately 15 minutes each way)


TOUR TIMES: MON thru FRI - 10:00AM & 2:30PM

(please call or email to confirm availability)


TOUR INCLUDES: Transportation to and from your 7 Mile hotel/condo,

light picnic-style snacks and beverages, kayak, snorkel gear and life vests. (water-shoes recommended)


Kittiwake & Cemetery Reef Snorkel Adventure

(with sister company


US $45/Person

This tour will take you to the USS Kittiwake Shipwreck and the famous Cemetary Reef! Our boat takes you across the beautiful 7 Mile Beach all the way to the famous CEMETARY REEF - there you’ll be dazzled by the amazing view of the coral formations and marine life found there. You’ll then make your way on over to one of Cayman’s hidden treasures, the USS KITTIWAKE. This now governed marine park is also home to hundreds of exotic and unique species of marine life… So slip your snorkel gear back on and see for yourself. At the end of the tour we return to Royal Palms where you can continue your day of fun in the sun! Book now and start the countdown to an adventure you’ll NEVER FORGET! 


Duration: 1 hr. & 45 minutes