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Ocean Picnic Adventure

Head on over to the beach at our Sister Company, Salt Watersports for this fun-filled day of adventure snd relaxation. You'll be briefed before hopping into a Jackson Kayak and from there, the adventure begins!


It's as simple as 1 , 2, 3! You collect your kayak from the beach and load it up with all your favourite goodies. From there, you'll Kayak out to our Rainbow-Splashed Ocean Picnic Platform. Once there, you'll enjoy a relaxing time under a line of brightly coloured umbrellas. You'll also have access to a sound system (must be connected via bluetooth from your personal phone) beach chairs, picnic benches and floats. Half day and full day rentals will also be given access to snorkel gear to enjoy for the day. 

 a few Details



The platform is pretty unique hangout spot with a great view of 7 Mile. Enjoy various snacks and drinks while relaxing on the open ocean -Free of all the noisy beach traffic on the shore.  


The surrounding water will range from 10-15 feet deep allowing you to head out for a nice little snorkeling session and explore coral heads in the surrounding area. There will be more than enough to see and so much to enjoy. The day ends with a short 5-minute kayak back to shore, of course with a BIG SMILE plastered on your face :)

Various Pricing options available. See Below...

PRICE: ADULTS US $65    |    KIDS US $55

(Recommended for ages 7 & up)



(Including drive-time of approximately 15 minutes each way)


TOUR TIMES: MON thru FRI - 10:00AM & 2:30PM

(Please call or email to confirm availability)


TOUR INCLUDES: Transportation to and from your 7 Mile hotel/condo, light picnic-style snacks and beverages, kayak, snorkel gear, and life vests.  (Water-shoes recommended)


Kittiwake & Cemetery Reef Snorkel Adventure

C/O Our Sister Company SALT Watersports

This tour will take you to the USS Kittiwake Shipwreck and the famous Cemetery Reef!

DURATION: 1 hr. & 45 minutes

PRICE: US $45 / Person


Our boat takes you across the beautiful 7 Mile Beach all the way to the famous CEMETERY REEF where you’ll be dazzled by the amazing view of the coral formations and marine life found there.

tour STOPS


You’ll then make your way on over to one of Cayman’s hidden treasures, the USS KITTIWAKE. This now governed marine park is also home to hundreds of exotic and unique species of marine life.

So slip your snorkel gear back on and see for yourself.


At the end of the tour, we return to Royal Palms where you can continue your day of fun in the sun! Book now and start the countdown to an adventure you’ll NEVER FORGET! 

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