For a truly ONE-OF-A-KIND, LOCAL-VIBE experience! 

We'll pick you from your 7 Mile Beach hotel or condo and take you to a tantalising gem of a beach in the South Sound. A tranquil little spot where some of the most charming wildlife dwell. You'll be briefed before hopping into a Jackson Kayak and from there... the adventure begins!


1st STOP - The Flip Flop Tree. Now labeled an official tourist attraction, this strange looking tree has had a rainbow of flip flops nailed nailed to it over the years. Great for all you selfie snapping fans. :)

2nd STOP - We'll venture a little further down to a mangrove patch where you'll be educated about the importance of the mangrove tree to the South Sound eco-system as well as the rest of the island. There, you'll get a chance to take a picture in the mangroves and maybe even pick up a jellyfish or two. 

3rd STOP - We'll then Kayak out to our Rainbow-Splashed Ocean Platform, complete with picnic benches and umbrellas. This platform is pretty unique and a great hangout spot. Enjoy various snacks and drinks while relaxing on the open ocean. No boats, means NO TRAFFIC, which in turn means you'll have the South Sound Sand Bar all to yourself. The sandbar ranges from 4 ft to 7 ft in depth allowing you to either walk around and take in the view or head out for a little snorkelling session and explore the fish-full coral heads in the area. There, you'll find a variety of fish ranging from snappers to turtles, spotted eagle rays to conch. Either way, there will be more than enough to see and so much to enjoy. The tour ends with a short 15 minute kayak back to shore, from where you'll be bused back to your 7 Mile Beach hotel/condo. A SHUTTLE BOAT TO THE OCEAN PICNIC PLATFORM will also be available for those who don't wish to, or are unable to kayak.

DURATION OF TOUR: 3 Hours (including drive-time of approx 15 mins each way)


PRICE: ADULTS - US$65   KIDS  - US$55 (recommended for ages 7 & up)


TOUR INCLUDES: Transportation to and from your 7 Mile hotel/condo, Light Picnic-style snacks and beverages, kayak, snorkel gear and life vests. (water shoes recommended)


TOUR TIMES: MON - SAT 10:00AM & 2:30PM (please call or email to confirm availability)